Madeira: Unveiling the Enchanting Isle
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Madeira: Unveiling the Enchanting Isle

أحمد ماهر البهلولأحمد ماهر البهلولمنتج بودكاست
ماريا محمدماريا محمدهندسة صوتية
أسماء امينأسماء امينمنتجة بودكاست / مشرفة البودكاست
لمى حمد المحيميدلمى حمد المحيميدمحررة / كاتبة محتوى

The magic of its sea and the beauty of its mountains create an unforgettable life picture of the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, where the sun steals the pearls that bloom from its shells, making you forget yourself as you wander through its alleys, confused as to which dish to try, “Bolo do Caco” or “Bolo de Mel” And you will not differentiate between what is salty and what is sweet 

Did I tell you all about Europe's Hawaii

Tune in to the episode, and you'll realize this is but a faint whisper in Madeira's descriptive lexicon

Today's episode is: Madeira: Unveiling the Enchanting Isle

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