Arizona: The White Desert
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Arizona: The White Desert

أحمد ماهر البهلولأحمد ماهر البهلولمنتج بودكاست
ماريا محمدماريا محمدهندسة صوتية
أسماء امينأسماء امينمنتجة بودكاست / مشرفة البودكاست
لمى حمد المحيميدلمى حمد المحيميدمحررة / كاتبة محتوى

A city we knew through its limited appearance in films and series, and we thought it was just a barren desert that doesn’t have much to see, but the reality is completely different, as it is an artistic painting rich in details!

With its charming white sand, its rocks that are sometimes shaped like a rainbow and at other times like an elephant, and its valleys that are filled with local people and their interesting stories for us to explore together.

A trip of all colors is waiting for you!

Today's episode is: Arizona: The White Desert.
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