Bolivia:Where rains reveal the biggest mirror in the world
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Bolivia:Where rains reveal the biggest mirror in the world

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ماريا محمدماريا محمدهندسة صوتية
أسماء امينأسماء امينمنتجة بودكاست / مشرفة البودكاست
لمى حمد المحيميدلمى حمد المحيميدمحررة / كاتبة محتوى

If you're desiring to travel to Bolivia yet still hesitant, this episode of The Bag Podcast will help you make your call. Waiting for you a place where past stories connects with present; The biggest mirror of salt flat where heaven meet earth; A promising landscape of sunset turning its lake from yellow to pink. Finally, let the flamingos dance above it in all their elegance.

Today's episode is: Bolivia: Where rains reveal the biggest mirror in the world.
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